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Personalized Engravings for Memorial Jewerlley

Make your memorial diamond jewellery even more meaningful with special engravings. Personalize your piece with heartfelt messages, dates, or names to create a unique and lasting tribute to your loved one.

Custom Design Your Memorial Jewellery

Design a one-of-a-kind piece of memorial jewellery to set the cremation diamond that captures the essence of your loved one. Personalize every detail to create a heartfelt and lasting tribute, turning memories into a beautiful keepsake.

Step 1

After selecting your memorial diamond, share your ideas, the story of your loved one, or a favorite jewellery style with our designer. This helps us start drawing a custom design that reflects their essence.

Initial Consultation

Step 2

Our jewellery designer creates the initial design draft and presents it for your approval. You can request modifications 2-3 times at no extra cost to ensure it perfectly meets your vision.

Design Draft and Confirmation

Step 3

We transform the confirmed design into a 3D model, taking it from a two-dimensional sketch to a three-dimensional reality. This step ensures precision and clarity in the final piece.

3D Modeling

Step 4

Using the 3D model, we create a wax mold of the jewellery. This mold serves as a precise template for casting the final piece in precious metal.

Jewellery Wax Moldel Creation

Step 5

We cast the jewellery setting with your selected precious metal, set the cremation diamond, and polish the piece to perfection. The result is a unique, custom keepsake that honors your loved one.

Casting and Finishing


How to customize your cremation diamond jewellery

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