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LONITÉ™, Swiss Cremation Diamonds from ashes

LONITÉ™, Switzerland, turns human cremation ashes into diamonds. Cremation diamonds from ashes are made out of 200 g (8 oz) cremation ashes or 10 g human hair (0.4 oz) by using HPHT technology in the LONITÉ laboratory. These "cremation diamonds" or "memorial diamonds", derived from human ashes, are GIA and IGI certified diamonds out of ashes.

An unpolished amber LONITÉ cremation diamond from ashes made out of human cremated remains or hair.

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Our process of transforming cremation ashes into diamonds takes between 3 and 9 months, depending on the size and colour of the cremation diamond ordered.

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Options, Price and Process of Cremation Diamonds

This page provides product information with ashes to diamonds cost and price, with instructions on how to order LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes.

Quick Summary
Cremation Diamonds Explained: Ashes to Diamonds

GIA certifies LONITÉ’s ashes to diamonds process


Cremation Diamonds can be certified by GIA and IGI.

Carbon is the base for turning cremation ashes into diamonds


The starting point for a cremation diamond is 0.25 carats, which costs £ .

LONITE sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.


It takes 6 months on average for the process of being turned into a cremation diamond to be completed.

LONITE ashes to diamonds process is re-verified by independent institutes.

Cremation Ashes & Hair

At least 200 g / 8 oz cremated ashes or 10 g / 0.4 oz hair are required for a cremation diamond to be created.

Ashes to Diamonds:
How to Order?
Swiss Cremation Diamonds from Ashes,
Now Avalaible in U.S., Canada, UK and Australia

Size Options - Turn human ashes into diamonds

Sizes - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

Size demo

cremation diamond 0.25 carat
(3.8 mm)
cremation diamond 0.35 carat
(4.2 mm)
cremation diamond 0.45 carat
(4.8 mm)
cremation diamond 0.60 carat
(5.0 mm)
cremation diamond 0.80 carat
(6.0 mm)
cremation diamond 1.00 carat
(6.6 mm)
cremation diamond 1.50 carat
(7.3 mm)
cremation diamond 2.00 carat
(8.0 mm)

Shape Options - Turn human ashes into diamonds

Cuts - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

brilliant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from hair or cremation ashes
emerald cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from hair and human ashes
radiant cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from cremation ashes and hair
asscher cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes and cremated remains
princess cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from cremated ashes and cremains

Colour Options - Turn human ashes into diamonds

Colours - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

Ashes to Diamonds Cost
Cremation Diamonds Price Starts at Amber 0.25 ct £
LONITÉ sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITÉ sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITÉ sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.
LONITÉ sends ashes and hair to Switzerland to turn ashes and hair into diamonds.

Price Range - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

The price for a typical Naturally Amber™ cremation diamond, made from ashes, ranges between Amber 0.25 ct - Amber 2.0 ct price in Pounds £ - £ .

Diamond Colour
amber colour cremation diamonds
Naturally Amber™
green colour cremation diamonds
Greenish Yellow
red colour cremation diamonds
blue colour cremation diamonds
white colour or colourless cremation diamonds
Purely Colourless™

Price Range ( Pounds)
£ 1200
£ 7500
£ 1500
£ 9500
£ 1600
£ 9900
£ 1600
£ 16200
£ 1700
£ 16500

Ashes to Diamonds Cost Factors

The LONITÉ cremation diamonds price includes all of the necessary costs involved in transforming the cremation ashes into a diamond, including the cost of sending the ashes to Switzerland.

The actual cost of turning cremation ashes into a diamond is dependent on the SIZE and COLOUR required.

Our cremation ashes to diamond cost comprises both the purification cost and the diamond creation cost, and reflects both the technical processes, and the time, involved in turning human ashes into diamonds.

Cremation Jewellery Price

The price of cremation jewellery: either diamond pendant jewellery or ring cremation jewellery, depends not only on the cremation diamond used, but also on the shape, metal type and metal weight used to make the jewellery.

Our jewellery prices include all mounting and shipment costs.

You can either choose from our cremation ring and cremation pendant designs, or submit your own idea for a quotation for a bespoke piece of cremation jewellery.

LONITÉ Turns Cremation Ashes into Diamonds

Certification - Cremation Diamonds from Ashes
Swiss History of Precision and Quality

Ashes to Diamonds - The Technical Process:
How do you turn human hair and cremation ashes into diamonds?

Illustration of High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) presses where carbon atoms from purified human hair/ashes are transformed into a genuine diamond.

Technology of turning human cremated ashes into diamonds:
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Swiss Origin

The company name ‘Lonité’ originates from ‘Longévité’, a word from the Swiss official languages, Swiss French, which translates to enjoy a long life.

With its headquarters located 25 minutes from downtown Zürich, Switzerland, the technological origins of LONITÉ cremation diamonds date back to the early 1950s.

We are committed to handling every single step of the cremation ashes to diamonds process solemnly, with the respect, discretion and empathy that it deserves.

LONITE AG, headquarters

LONITÉ headquarters

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Ashes to Diamonds UK, Canada, U.S. and Australia

Swiss company turns loved one's ashes into diamonds.

FAQ on Diamonds from Cremation Ashes

How long does the cremation ashes to diamonds process take?

Including the time involved for shipment and purification, the total time of turning human ashes into diamonds takes between 3 and 9 months, depending on the colour and diamond size required.

How does carat size affect the diamond growing time?

The bigger the cremation diamond’s size, the longer the ashes to diamonds process takes. Bigger cremation diamonds take more time, thus cost more.

Why does colour affect the ashes to diamonds processing time?

Different colours require different procedures in different synthesis environments, so the growing speed of the diamond will be different. Amber is the most natural colour, and a cremation diamond of this colour undergoes the basic process, which takes the shortest time: 35-70 days. In contrast, our Purely Colourless™ cremation diamond, with 4N purity (99.99%) of carbon, uses the most sophisticated technology and has the longest growing period: 60-120 days, depending on carat size.

Chart - cremation diamond creation process and making time

How can I prove that the cremation diamond is from hair/ashes of my loved one?

Our proof comes in the form of a technical examination and the certification methodology of the cremation diamond’s original source. Scientific proof and certification can be provided based on the carbon atoms and chemical density of the cremation diamond, which must match the carbon, hair or ashes that the diamond originated from.

The carbon is tracked and documented continuously throughout the ashes to diamonds process, by a LONITÉ team of microphysics and high pressure science researchers.

Why is the cost of turning cremated ashes into diamonds so high?

The cost of a cremation diamond is dependent on the SIZE and COLOUR required. A bigger diamond requires a longer growing cycle, thus generates a higher cost.

The machine used is huge. The inside temperature and pressure are ultra-high. Extreme precision is required. A one carat colourless diamond can take hundreds of hours to grow.

As a result, the technology used to turn ashes into diamonds is complicated and very costly.

FAQ on LONITÉ Cremation Diamonds from Ashes
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