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Creative Things You Can Do With Cremation Ashes


Many people worldwide opt for a traditional burial, but others may choose cremation.

Over the years, many people have come up with different ideas to deal with human cremation ashes. They use it to make something memorable that will allow them to hold on to the memories. After a cremation, it can be challenging for you to decide how to lay them down to rest.

Cremation is one of the most popular methods. As per the traditional method, most cultures prefer laying down their loved ones to rest by cremation. But, what to do with the cremated remains? We will be answering them in the sections below.

Five meaningful things to do with your loved ones' ashes

Once you have the ashes of your loved one, you must find the right way to use them. Ashes can be placed in an urn or scattered, and everyone has their idea of using these urns.

These ashes can be used around the memorial to honour the memory of your loved one. You can add personal takes to the centuries-old rituals. Here are some of the main things that you can do with your loved ones' ashes:

Scatter the cremation ashes into the sea

Scattering the ashes into the sea can be one of the best ways to honour your loved one. Most families prefer scattering the ashes in the sea, around a beach, or on the top of a mountain.

Apart from the sea, many families also opt for aerial scattering. Scattering the ashes into a sea allows you to follow the traditional methods. If your loved one's favourite place was the sea, you should scatter the ashes around the sea.

If your loved one has any other favourite place, you can scatter the ashes elsewhere too. You must choose a location that adds meaning and value to the individual's life. Whenever you're scattering them into the sea, make sure that you follow the proper rituals.

Turn cremation ashes into a diamond

One of the best ways to hold onto the memories of your loved ones is to turn them into something valuable. The concept of diamonds made from human ashes can be new to many, and it is unique and helps you keep all the memories near the heart.

Brands like Lonite are turning human ashes into diamonds. Therefore, you can reach out to them to help make a diamond out of ashes. These cremation diamonds are genuine diamonds made using the carbon of cremation ashes and hair.

These diamonds made from human ashes are wholly colorless and nitrogen. The nitrogen and carbon are removed before creating the diamond. The brands usually follow a rigorous process of recreating natural environments. Natural diamonds are developed under high temperatures and pressure.

With the use of new and latest technology, these brands have easily turned human ashes into diamonds. All the diamonds are verified for purity, and a certificate of origin is provided along with the analysis report.

Make a piece of memorial jewellery

The concept of memorial jewellery or turning ashes into jewellery is relatively new, and it hits deep. All of us have some memory attached to our loved ones. One of the best ways to preserve these memories is to keep them alive within us. Sentimental jewellery or memorial jewellery can be a great way to protect these memories.

These are those pieces of jewellery that will help to protect important moments. Most of us prefer wearing a piece of jewellery with some meaning, which is often a reflection of what can be attached, and the jewellery carries a piece of an important story.

This jewellery is also a great way to keep your loved ones' ashes into jewellery close to you. Lab-grown diamond companies like LONITÉ™ pressurise the ashes into diamonds. You can further use these diamonds to make a necklace, ring, or any piece of jewellery as per your preference.

Diamonds are one of the most popular types of jewellery items. Various services can help to turn the ashes into other jewellery like stained glass and hand-blown pieces.

A vintage look necklace with an oval cut cremation diamond as the centre stone.
A vintage look necklace with an oval cut cremation diamond as the centre stone.

Memorial Tattoo

Do you know that these ashes can be turned into ink to be used further for creating tattoos? This can be one of the best memorial tattoos, and it will help you keep your loved ones ashes close. If you want to commemorate your loved one forever, you should get a memorial tattoo.

It is a long-standing process to commemorate your loved ones. Various tattoo studios will provide you with the benefit of custom ink, and these custom inks are usually made from cremated ashes.

The tattoo artist will mix a small amount of cremated remains with the tattoo ink. The ink will further be used to create a design per your choice. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to memorialise your loved one. If you want to use it as permanent ink, you can always create a unique design that will allow you to remember your loved ones.

Grow a tree

You can always opt for eco-funerals. To honour your loved one in the most eco-friendly way, you should consider planting trees. With time, more and more people are looking for greener or more eco-friendly options for cremation.

After their loved one passes away, they want to use their ashes in a way that will benefit the environment. When one life goes, you can plant one life. This way, you are not only giving back to the environment but also honouring your loved one.

Becoming eco-friendly means you can opt for biodegradable urns, but that won't be that effective. You can plant a tree and grow them, and this is one of the best ways to keep your loved one close to you.

Questions about after-cremation

Can cremated ashes be spread anywhere?

If you are planning to spread the ashes of your loved one, you must be familiar with your local area's laws. The laws and regulations will vary significantly when it comes to spreading ashes. However, if you have the landowner's permission, you may consider spreading the ashes.

Why is it essential to own a sentimental keepsake in your life?

When we lose someone, it becomes tough for us to deal with the loss. We feel incomplete and as if some part of us has gone away with them too. Having a sentimental keepsake ensures they haven't gone anywhere but are with us. It gives us the power to carry one with us daily. It is a great way to provide memory and comfort. If you always look up to your loved one, the keepsake can be a source of inspiration to continue with life.

How do you make cremated ashes everlasting and durable?

It can be challenging for you to decide how to make the cremated ashes everlasting and durable. Many people consider storing them in a cremation urn. If you do not have a safe spot, these urns will always be at risk of breakage. Moreover, these urns are heavy and expensive, and it may be challenging for you to carry them around. You must consider turning human ashes into diamond jewellery and always keep your loved one close to you.

It would help if you found it hard to understand what to do with the ashes. However, if your loved one has any wishes on how to use their last remains, make sure to follow them. Using the ashes creatively can be one of the best ways to protect the memory of your loved one. It is advisable to turn these into diamond jewellery and wear them around. Following this will give you a sense of courage as your loved one will be close to you.

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