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Death in Texas: Green Burial, Cremation, Burial and Cemeteries

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


If you live in Texas and one of your loved ones has passed away, you can find a number of services that you can do after they died in Texas. Cremation processes do not have a set of fixed rules, but the funeral directors offer the necessary cremation and funeral services for the friends and family of the deceased. In Texas, during the cremation, the body is reduced to cremated ashes with the application of heat, after which the cremated remains are left.

These cremated remains are then kept in a Memorial Garden by friends and family in memory of their deceased loved ones. Similar to keeping cremated ashes, one can also store the remains as a cremated lab-grown diamond or man-made diamond.

How to Get a Death Certificate in Texas?

Immediate family members can get death certificates in Texas and request the same. Friends needing a death certificate can present legal documentation or a court order establishing guardianship. Some documents like the state, city, or county ID card, government employment badge, and military ID are essential to obtain a death certificate. Following these steps will help you have the death certificate in your hands as soon as possible. Moreover, you will see several websites where the cost and price of the death certificate are extremely affordable.

Green Funeral Services in Texas

Climate change is happening fast. That is why green funerals in Texas have become important these days. Altering how we give burial to our deceased family members helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our planet.

Does Texas Allow Green Funerals?

Though not all funeral houses offer green funerals, you can always find some natural burial choices in Texas. Family members can take this important responsibility and opt for green funerals.

Cremation Services in Texas

The laws in Texas prevent the cremation of dead human bodies within forty-eight hours after death. The cremation cannot be done without a waiver; it can be a County Medical Examiner or even a Justice of Peace who can waive this requirement of time. After waiting for this period, the cremation can be performed. The closest relative will need to provide their signature for a form of cremation authorization, and a cremation permit will be issued.

Arranging a Funeral or Cremation in Texas

Once your loved one has died, you must incur the greatest expense of buying a casket after their death. Sometimes, this cost can vary between five hundred to twenty thousand dollars. For a cremation in Texas, you do not require a casket. Federal law needs a crematory or a funeral home to ask you to go for another container. Any other container made up of cardboard, fiberboard, unfinished wood, and pressed wood can be used.

The cremated ashes can be stored in a home container, crypt, grave, and niche. Texas laws also suggest that you can scatter ashes provided it is a private property of an owner who gives their consent, a sea or public waterway, or uninhabited public land.

Burial Services in Texas

Scattering Ashes at Sea, on a River or Lake, is a Great Way to Give a Loved One a Really Nice Send-off
Scattering Ashes at Sea, on a River or Lake, is a Great Way to Give a Loved One a Really Nice Send-off

Texas law gives ten days to complete all the funeral procedures from the day and time the death occurred. The relatives or close ones of the deceased will have to apply for an electronic death certificate at a funeral home. They also need to get copies of the death certificate to produce on-demand to officials.

Is Natural Burial Legal in Texas?

As the climate change crisis is getting real, many Texans are resorting to green burial or natural burial. The Texan authorities have recognized the process. There are specific areas allotted for natural burials, and many funeral services also offer green burial services in general. The cost of natural burials is also minimal when compared to traditional funerals.

Can I Bury My Family or Pets in My Backyard?

In most states, burying pets in your backyard is legal, given that proper safety measures are followed. However, for humans, it is mandatory to bury at a human cemetery or a green burial site to follow official and state regulations.

Cemeteries in Texas

How Much Does a Cemetery Plot Cost in Texas?

An average burial plot at a cemetery costs about $3360 in Texas. However, it depends on many variables. Some places charge as low as $200, while some high-profile areas can cost up to $250,000.

Turning Cremated Ashes or Hair into Cremation Diamonds is a New Option

A cremation diamond is a fairly new trend that has recently attracted many Texans. A cremation diamond is a synthetic diamond created from the ashes of the deceased through HPHT or CVD procedures. After the process is complete, the gem is turned into jewelry and presented to the family as a memorial.

How to Turn Ashes or Hair into a Cremation Diamond?

The human body is about 18% carbon, so it is possible to separate the carbon from other elements through chemical procedures and then put it into a machine miming the diamond-forming process. The ashes can turn out to be one-carat diamonds, or even larger.

The Texas Laws for Cremation Diamonds

Memorial Diamond Jewelry Made from the Cremation Ashes of a Loved One by LonitÉ™
Memorial Diamond Jewelry Made from the Cremation Ashes of a Loved One by LonitÉ™

There are some regulations regarding turning the ashes of the deceased into a gem in Texas. There should be legal agreements between the vendor and the client who wants to acquire a gem such as that. If there is nobody from the deceased's side, the matter may go to the state authority's hands.

The Price of a Cremation Diamond and Other Services

As the composition of every human being is different, the cremation diamond color will also vary. It is safe to say that each diamond turns out to be unique. Although most diamonds turn out to be yellow or amber, some turn out to be colorless, black, or blue – because of the presence of boron and other elements.

LONITÉ™ has an extended range of cremation diamonds, and with their cutting-edge technology, they have become much more affordable. There are two types of pricing – single pieces and bundles. The smallest carat size is about 0.15 carats, and the maximum size achievable is about 3 carats.

For a single piece, the price starts from $1400 for 0.25 carat Naturally Amber™ diamond, while the largest size, which is about 3 carats Naturally Amber™ diamond, will cost $28,200.

As for the bundle plan, it depends on the diamond color, carat size, and the number of diamonds ordered. Take the Purely Colourless™ diamond, for example. The smallest size, 0.15 carat for two diamonds, will cost about $3100, and the same size for four will cost about $5400.

It is solely upon the choice of the family members or friends how they are going to choose to immortalize their loved one.

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